Where Should I Go On Vacation?

6 Steps to Make Vacations Happen

One of the reasons people have a hard time with vacation planning, is they can't get past the first question of where should I go on vacation? 
Don't worry!  It's not hard at all!

Take the process step by step and you will soon be on your way to planning a great vacation, that will give you all the things your heart desires.

Step #1:  Start the process by thinking about what kind of weather you would like to vacation in.  Do you like it hot or would you prefer the cold?  Somewhere in between?  Write down your answer on a piece of paper.  And don't worry about this being your final answer.  Part of the fun of planning a vacation is looking at all the possibilities.

Step #2:   Think about the type of setting you would like to be in on your vacation.  Does being in the heart of a large city thrill you?  Or would you prefer a quaint town you can spend time meandering through?  Would you prefer the peaceful countryside?  Maybe you can't imagine taking a vacation that does not involve the ocean.  Got a few things in mind?  Go ahead and write them down too. 

Most people will not have only one choice here, but if you do, thats ok too.  It makes it easier to narrow down later.

Ok, by now you should be on a roll; your brain should be in vacation planning mode and thinking of some possibilities and at least a vague outline may be occuring to you about now.  You have the type of weather you like and the setting.  Now lets think about what you want to DO on vacation!


Step #3:  What do you want to do while on vacation?  Are you wanting to get away and relax?  Turn off the cell phone and just chill for a while?  Veg in front of the TV?  Or are you looking for some excitement?  Do you want to get out there and try some of those things you see and hear about, but never seem to have the chance to do?

Hopefully, this will not be your ONLY vacation, so try to make a plan for


Step #4:  Some people's choice for step #4 will be limited by step #5, but for now, don't get ahead of yourself.  Would you like to stay local or travel somewhere far away?  For this step, really take into consideration how long of a travel time you are comfortable with.  You don't want to think about going to another country if you are only wanting to invest a couple of hours in travel time to get there.  On the other hand, why limit yourself to local if you are comfortable making a long journey? 

Write down how many hours, or days, you are willing to invest in travel time to get to your destination.  And don't forget to double it, since presumably you will be returning home!

Step #5:  This is always a hard step for me, because I tend to plan a vacation first and then figure out how to pay for it. (Maybe) a better way would be to figure out how much you want to spend on a a vacation and then work on where you want to go.

Whichever way you go, you do need to have some type of idea of what you want your budget to be.  That way, when you talk to your travel agent, you have some type of idea of what you want to spend.  It can always be adjusted, but you do need a staring point.

You may find out that you can't get what you want for the budget you have, or you may be pleasantly surprised to find you can upgrade your vacation for only a tiny bit more.  Don't lock yourself into a budget, but do have one. 

Step #6:

Call, email, visit or text your travel agent and get them working on a quote for you! Why a travel agent? They can add some real value to your vacation through not only their suppliers, but through their knowledge.

Remember,  Make Vacations Happen, don't just LET them happen!