As a Travel Agent I travel a lot. I know people are always looking for honest reviews on hotels, resorts, tourist destinations, cruise ships, etc. Pictures are of course always helpful also.

Sometimes I actually stay at the places I have here for review and sometimes I only do what is called a site inspection. When I do a site inspection I am basically being shown around by an employee so I can see all the amenities they have to offer. Sometimes I get lunch and I get to experience their food service.

I think it is important for you to know whether I have actually stayed there or if it was only a site inspection. Both have value, but they are vastly different experiences.

So, at the top of each review I will state whether this was a site inspection or a stay. Sometimes after a site inspection I will go back for a stay 😉

I hope you enjoy the photos and written reviews I post here. Please let me know if there is information you are looking for that I have not provided or if you have any questions!