Iceland – Home of the Northern Lights

Seeing the Northenr Lights is on the bucket list of lots of people. Iceland is not the only place you can see them, of course. For many people who live in the states, a trip to Alaska is much easier to accomplish than a trip to Iceland. And many people think it is much more economical too, but its really not!

I wouldn't say Iceland is exactly cheap, but I found it to be very economical to come here for 8 nights. I am from Portland, OR area, so we drove to Seattle to catch our flight to Keflavik. It was a pretty quick and easy drive. Our flight left at 3:30 PM and we arrived at 6:30 AM Iceland time, which felt like 10:30 to us, so it was fairly easy to get through the first days time change with just a short nap to hold us over til an early bed time.

Getting from Kevlavik airport to Reyjkavik was easy. After departing customs just head outside to catch the Flybus. You take a big bus to the city terminal where you switch to smaller buses that will take you to your hotel. Easy Peasy.


Its easy to make new friends in Iceland!

We stayed at FossHotel Baron, a nicely located middle of the road hotel, but no matter where you stay you can easily get picked up for your excursions so you can get out and see Iceland. When you go to New York city, you are there to see the city and all it has to offer, but when you go to Reyjkavik, the city is not the destination. The surrounding country side is. The beautiful scenery.

The people of Iceland are a friendly sort and most, if not all, speak English so it was never hard to communicate. They start learning a second language at an early age and for most that second language is English. If they continue in school past the age of 16, they will have to learn a 3rd language. Our guide for the Warm Baths and Cool Lights tour spoke 5 or 6 language. I find that truly impressive. American schools need to start this practice, we are doing our children a disservice by having them only learn to speak one language.


I was fascinated by this building in downtown Reyjkavik


The harbor of Reyjkavik with the sun shining brightly on the snow