Group Rate Cruises

What is so great about group rates?

The cruise line industry is the same as any other industry, it operates on supply and demand. There are brochure rates, which means that if this is a hot sailing this is the price we will charge. Then there are discounted rates, given sometimes when sailing dates are first released, or when a ship is not filling fast enough. Or when there are specials, or………

Group Rates are given to Travel Agents when they have a group of people as a discount for selling X amount of cabins. We are all familiar with volume discounts and that is exactly what a group rate is. Lucky you if you find a group rate on a cruise you want to take!

In addition to the discount, many times a group rate will have some extra amenities thrown in. For example, an On Board Credit (OBC), a bottle of wine per stateroom or perhaps a private cocktail party. These are sometimes a small thing, or sometimes quite awesome! If you can find a group rate to book into it is a bonus.

How do you find a group rate? CONTACT YOUR TRAVEL AGENT!

Group rates can sometimes be combined with other sales or promotions going on, the best way to find one is by calling your Travel Agent. Leave it to the experts! You could spend hours online searching what it takes your professional Travel Agent 30 minutes to find.

Hosted Cruises

What is a hosted cruise? When your Travel Professional sails with you, that is called a Hosted Cruise. Your Agent will be there at the cruise port to help you check in, get settled on board and be there on board to help you should any problems arise.

On a hosted cruise there may also be some group activities put together by your agent, perhaps a group dinner, photo opportunity or even a group shore excursion. This is a great way for first time cruisers to feel comfortable about cruising or when traveling on a foreign cruise.

Why a Cruise?

Cruises are a great way to see more than one destination while only unpacking once. No wasted time going to and from the airport. Your travel time is spent enjoying your floating resort by the pool, taking in a show or getting a relaxing and invigorationg massage!

This is how you spend your travel days on a cruise!

use your sunscreen on Kauai beaches

Cruiusing is also a great way to budget your vacation dollars, you can literally pay for everything before the vacation even starts, with the exception of shopping. ALL of your food needs are paid for with the cruise fare, there is NO NEED for extra if you choose not to! Imagine coming home from vacation without a hefty credit card balance to look forward to!

If you choose to add specialty dining, a beverage package, even gratuities, can all be paid for in advance! Nothing extra needed for food, entertainment or even tips if you choose to pay your gratuities in advance!

Think you will be bored on a cruise? I think not! There is always something going on, or you can do nothing at all.

Boring food Choices? Nope! There are several options on board a cruise to keep you from eating the same boring food day after day. Cruise lines go the extra mile to provide you with delicious food in the main dining room, at the buffet, specialty restaurants, pool side eateries or in your own cabin.

What are you waiting for? Book your cruise today!