Girls Getaway Cruise


I get questions all the time regarding cruises, if I don't answer your question here please contact me and I will be happy to answer. I am pretty responsive on FB Messenger.

Are the prices listed the entire price?

YES! The prices I have listed are the full price for the cruise including port fees and taxes. That does come with a caveat. Cruise lines add gratuities to your onboard bill, which you are expected to pay at the end of the cruise. It varies by stateroom type and cruise line, but about $12-$15 a day per person. More on gratuities below.

Does the cost of the cruise include air fare?

NO! The prices quoted are for the cruise only! Airfare is additional and will depend on your departure city. I will be flying out of Portland, OR as will some others on the cruise and I will be working on a group air rate from that departure city. If you book and will be flying from a different departure city I will help you find the best airfare.

What if I want to travel alone?

If you want a stateroom to yourself you have 2 choices; you can pay a double rate as cruiselines base thier rates on double occupancy. You would not need to pay double taxes and I can break those out for you if you are interested. The second choice on this cruise is to book a singles cabin. They only have these as an inside cabin and the cabins are small as they are designed for one. But if you are traveling alone this is a huge money saver. They even have thier own private singles lounge. Contact me for current pricing. In addition, I will help facilitate anyone who wants a travel partner on the FB group page.

Do we have to do everything as a group?

NO! This is your vacation, I want you to enjoy it as you see fit. We will be doing some group activities, feel free to join us or not. I know I like getting together with girls, I always have fun and I can say and do things I don't usually do when guys are around. I don't know why, it just is. Plus, I laugh so much when a bunch of girls get together.

What should I pack?

This is a Caribbean cruise so you will definitely want summer clothes, but as to the style of dress on a cruise ship, go for resort casual. What that means is nicer shorts and summer blouses, not so much on the ragged shorts and ratty tshirts. But you don't have to run out and buy a new wardrobe either.

Of course, a bathing suit, or in my case 3 or 4. I love being in the water and I hate putting on a wet suit so I bring extras. A coverup will come in handy too. Sunscreen! You don't need to bring a towel, they have them onboard. A hat is a good idea and of course your sunglasses. (Its easy to forget these in January!) Beach shoes.

You will also want to bring some evening clothes. For dinner in the dining room you will need slacks or skirts or dresses. Again, doesn't have to be fancy, but it can be if you want! For formal night, some people get dressed to the nines and some are more casual. Its a personal preference and you won't be out of place either way. Don't miss formal night in the dining room though, that is usually when they serve the best meal of the cruise. Don't forget a pair of shoes that will go with your dress for formal night. Yep, done it before.


As I mentioned earlier, the cruise line will auto add gratuities to your final bill. Most people just leave it as is. But some people don't like others telling them when to tip and how much and thats ok too. You can go to the guest relations desk on the first day and ask them to remove the gratuities. If you do this, bring a supply of small bills onboard with you to tip as you go along. Don't just have the tips removed and then stiff the crew. They work long hard hours and they truly depend on the tips. (if you notice, you will see crew members at different jobs around the ship at all hours)

This is an ongoing section, as people ask me more questions I will post more answers. If you have a question, someone else probably has the same question.