Getting to Cozumel

Feeling adventurous in the small plane to CozumelWhen I checked for our flights from Portland to Cozumel I was not happy with the pricing so I got creative with our routing. Cozumel is close to Cancun, right? I could find decent priced flights from Portland to Cancun, it was getting to Cozumel that was creating problems.

I had a couple of choices by going to Cancun. I could get a transfer down to Playa del Carmen and take the ferry over, or I could catch a flight from Cancun to Cozumel. I had problems finding airlines I knew flying from Cancun to Cozumel, as in there weren't any.

Not to worry, I'm a Travel Agent, I can find a flight. (Insert eye roll) I gave myself plenty of time between our flight arriving in Cancun and departing for Cozumel, I didn't want to stress about making it through customs. 

The day before we left I was double checking my travel arrangements and noticed a piece of verbiage I had overlooked before. "Mayair  operates out of our new FBO terminal". Hmmmm, ok, no problemo. 

My first feeling of trepidation came as we were exiting customs and I asked one of the guys to give me directions to the FBO terminal. He didn't know, uh oh! After having our luggage searched we exited the terminal and ran the gamut of timeshare salespeople masquerading as "tourist information" and found ourselves outside the terminal without ever having seen a sign for FBO Terminal OR the guys in turquoise shirts and white pants and ties who were supposed to be there to direct me.

Outside we finally found a guy who showed us where to catch the free shuttle that runs every 30 minutes. (Make sure to add that into your time calculations.) He direly and repeatedly warned us that the problem with the shuttle was that it only ran every 30 minutes and it would take us 45 minutes to get to the other terminal. He urged us to use a taxi instead. We had lots of time since our flight was early, so we decided to wait. Thirty minutes later our shuttle arrived and it was a short 5-10 minute ride to the FBO terminal, where they dump you at the curb and let you walk the last little bit on your own to arrive in a tiny terminal with one check in desk manned by one guard and an airline employee.

My feelings of trepidation quickly waned, disaster averted. But I did feel quite adventurous and it brought to mind a few of my clients who would have been very upset with me if I had put them in this situation without prior knowledge. One of the many reasons I like to do things differently sometimes.

My sense of adventure kicked into high gear when the employee led us out to the Tarmac to get on the plane. It was a tiny little thing, only 5 passengers! In our case, only 4 passengers as they had to use one of the seats for our luggage.  Lyn got to sit up front with the pilot, I was in the middle seat, thank goodness I was not in the back with the luggage! 

This little 5 passenger plane is what we got to fly from Cancun to Cozumel

It was a short 15-20 hop from Cancun to Cozumel but you get an entirely new perspective in a small plane versus a large one. I can see why sightseeing flights are so popular in Alaska.

The airport in Cozumel is way smaller than I anticipated, not sure how they even get the commercial flights in here, must be smaller planes, though not as small as ours on Mayair. They did tell us we had the small plane, not the large one that holds 18 passengers!

So, if you are looking to get from Cancun to Cozumel and you don't mind being a wee bit adventurous, I can highly recommend going this route. It's always a little nerve wracking trying something new in a foreign country but that is part of the adventure and fun of traveling.

Happy Travels!

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