FossHotel Baron Review

FossHotel Baron in Reyjkavik Iceland

The FossHotel Baron is a 3 star hotel in a good location in Reyjkavik, Iceland. Just a couple of blocks off the main shopping street of Laugavegur. Here you will find all kinds of shopping, from high end Dulce and Cabana and Dior to kitzi little tourist shops selling trolls. You can also find tons of eateries: pastry and coffee shops, sit down restaurants, pizza, subway, Italian, Indian.

At the FossHotel Baron they feed you an ample breakfast, available from 7am to 10 am. Omelettes, sausages, toast, pastries, breads, cereal and of course, waffles. They do a really good spread and if you take advantage of it you can save some of your budget for things other than food.

The room is what I consider a typical European hotel. Small, with 2 twin beds that are pushed together when requesting a double or King room. The shower is, of course, TINY! You can barely turn around in it without bumping into the shower curtain. As I said, typical European room.

One thing I was surprised about though, is that there was no dresser in the room. Most of my nights spent in Europe have been short stays so I never worried about unpacking, so I can't really say if this is typical or not. But we were here for a week so I really didn't enjoy living out of a suitcase. There was an armoir, so we could hang things up, but you can't hang up your underwear!

Also lacking in this hotel were plugins and the ones they did have were in the oddest places. They did provide an electric pot for heating water, but you either had to balance it precariously on the edge of the sink in the bathroom or on set it on the floor at the foot of the bed. Inconvenient, but it worked and I got to have hot tea.

Cold water is natural spring water while hot water is from the natural hotsprings

Iceland Water

The water does have more than a slight sulpher smell, but you quickly beome used to it and I bet hotels here never run out of hot water! And I thought the cold water was excellent for drinking!

The hotel was kept quite clean and we never had any problems with housekeeping. Actually, the staff is a big bonus at this hotel, they are all so friendly and I never had a problem with any request I made. Well, one, kind of. Our first night we asked for washcloths. If you are from the states, you know I mean the small squares you use to wash your face at night. Apparently they don't use them here and when I asked for washcloths or facecloths, I was delivered more hand towels. So they delivered what they thought I wanted.

All in all, I can heartily endorse this hotel but it certainly wouldn't do for the client looking for a high end luxury hotel. But we didn't come to Icleand for a luxury hotel stay, we came for the sights and experiences. And for that kind of stay, this hotel fit the bill nicley.

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