About Me


My name is Retta Carl.  Thank you for visiting!

Make Vacations Happen is my way of earning a living on my terms.  Traveling and vacationing is my passion in life and I have so many people ask me how I take as many vacations as I do that I decided to turn it into a business and not only answer those questions, but share my passion at the same time.

Researching a new vacation spot is a ton of fun for me, but not everyone shares my fascination with travel.  Just boil the info down and hand it them.  My husband is like that.  I do the research, pick out the interesting things and present it to him.  It's a process that makes us both happy, and life doesn't get any better than that!

How does that make a living for me?  I am a travel agent, of course!

I will be happy to give you a quote or if you like, you can click on the Home Page link to book a trip through my online booking engine. I guarantee that the prices are comparable to other online booking engines like Expedia or Travelocity.  I am happy to add value by being your travel agent for any trips that are booked through my site, the same as if I had booked it for you! You won't get that level of service everywhere!

I have the pleasure of working with a great host company. What does that mean? Well, it means my host (kind of like a parent company) does all the hard work of negotiating great discounts for my clients, so I can focus on finding the very best possible vacation for you!

We have a lot of suppliers that we work with that have been vetted for the great value and services they provide. They stand behind their product, which translates into a flawless vacation for you. We can confidently ask for your trust because we trust our suppliers.

So, if you are looking for someone to be your travel agent, I hope you will consider adding me to your arsenal.  I am quite adept at helping people create wonderful vacations not only in person, but over the phone, via email or even text!

Contact me and lets get started on Making Your Vacation Happen!